This Is Not Your Home : Living Good Lives : Giving Feedback : Graham Shaw: 01Mar15

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Living Good Lives : Giving Feedback

You’re chosen aliens, part of a real but unseen kingdom. Don’t conform to this world, but live holy lives within it, loving one another. The world will persecute you, and falsely accuse you, but confound them by continuing to bless them. Your gentleness and respect will win some over. Keep the perspective of the coming judgement and your future glory, keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus, who won us our salvation and is our example in everything.

Graham’s talk focuses on the feedback we asked for in the previous week. Most peoples questions were on culture. How do we move from church renewal to cultural renewal. We don’t want to be a subculture, to create a ghetto easily dismissed by the rest of society.

Narrative around us in 4 different parts
  1. Creation
  2. Fall
  3. Redemption
  4. Restoration
Sometimes we focus too much on 2 & 3 and forget 1 and 4. We miss the whole picture like arriving at cinema 10 mins late and leaving 10 mins early.

What power do we have?

  1. Choice
  2. Influence
  3. Mindset
If you have choice use it to be a cultural creator.
Questions to ask of culture.
  1. What is wrong? Confront and stop it
  2. What is missing? Create and catalyse
  3. What is good? Celebrate and cultivate
  4. What is confusing? Clarify and compel


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