Renewed Space

20151122_114825Just under 16 years ago, our church building was in danger of being closed. The congregation that then met in it offered the church building up to God asking for His will to be done, whether that meant closing the church or keeping it open. Less than a year later, the building was given one of the largest English Heritage grants in Cheshire to repair the roof. Now, it is now a thriving church in a dry and warm building. Since then, we have completed the first phase of building renewal to improve the welcome and worship experience.Christ Church Plan copy

Over the last ten years with help from many donations and grant bodies we have replaced the roof, installed new heating and improved the worship and welcome at Christ Church by installing a platform, screen/projector and glass doors. During 2016 we refurbished our Mission House Church Centre to provided a modern damp free church and community space. We are now working on ‘Renewed Space 3’ ,our latest project on the main church building to provided better facilities and repairs to the fabric of the building. Following a consultation with the congregation to agree priorities we are now working to employ an architect design partner to develop the project over the next 12 months.

We believe God has given the building back to us as a community and we seek to use the building space we have in Newtown wherever we can. Part of this is seeing the space renewed to be a space that is versatile and usable for the glory of God.

Renewed Space 3:

If you wish to see the architect’s full initial proposal, it can be viewed here: 

If you have any comments on the plans so far, you can forward them to