Get Connected!

Are you ready to be part of our community at Christ Church Chester?

We have lots of things you can get involved with!

If you want to get to know more people within the church and find what we do you’re in the right place, The weekly activities include;

Home Group: A place where you can meet with others from the Church and explore faith and understanding in the scriptures.

Drop in (for homeless and vulnerable people): Drop in is a place where you can give back to others that aren’t as fortunate. if you are interested in helping making food or as a support worker please contact Matty our coordinator.

D’Biz: A youth club that is run for 13-17’s in New town Chester, usually D’Biz is based in the Mission House just across the road from the Church but the building is undergoing a refurbishment, so for the meantime detached youth work happens in the local park. If you have any other questions about D’biz please contact Hannah.

Students work: This is based at 18-25’s who at University, Christ Church Chester have always had a big flow of students because we are fundamentally a Church that explores in this area and caterers the needs of this age group. if you want to give it a go please Contact Ed Newman and he will be able to answer any questions

Children’s Work: At Christ Church Chester we have a children’s Group that takes the children out of the beginning of the 11 O’clock service to have fun and learn about the Christian Story in all different ways. please contact Beatrix or Chloe for any questions.

Helping Sunday Happen: Sunday is for everyone to come together in community and worship our Lord Jesus. but we always need help before and during.

  • Host team-providing a welcome and hosting for newcomers
  • Bible readings and intersessions in services
  •  Flowers and Cleaning,

We really would love the help! contact Christ church admin if you are interested.