Rotas, Policies & Forms

Rotas for Spring 2020

Christ Church works though the amazing work of our volunteers. We believe playing a full part in  Church is serving each other as part of the congregation. Rotas can be downloaded below. If you would like to volunteer to take part please contact Carys our administrator at  07443 584528,

Rota for Spring Term (Prayers, Flowers, Cleaning, Drop-In)

Rota for Spring Term (Worship, Host Team, PA, PC, Speaker, Leader etc.)

Expense Claim Forms

If you need to claim expenses the correct form is found here. Please fill it out and send it to our administrator:

If you are ‘line managed’ at the church (staff, interns, youth work placement students…etc) the the staff expense claim form is found here Please pass this to your line-manager to be countersigned.

If you are claiming mileage from the church, the mileage expenses claim is found here.

Generosity Fund

The Generosity Fund is part of the church budget that has been set aside to support other people, projects and organisations. Generosity Form found here.

Child Protection Policy

The Child Protection Policy for the Diocese of Chester can be found here:

Christ Church has adopted the National Safeguarding Policy which can be found here:

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety policy can be found here:

Christ Church Chester Newsletter

For our most recent Newsletter, please click here:

Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement can be found here: Christ Church Privacy Policy March 2018